If you are not receiving emails from the Great Lakes Region of AHDI, then please take a moment to call AHDI at (800) 982-2182 [toll free] and confirm your email address on file. We get our master list from AHDI and ensure that we only send to those members who gave permission to receive emails.

Please note that it is against many company policies to use your work email address for anything but work. Therefore, we highly recommend that you do not submit a work address to your AHDI account profile. You may not be able to open any attachments within emails from the Great Lakes Region of AHDI.  After you have updated your personal email address with AHDI, please contact us and we will make the change as well. Thank you.


Membership Categories and Benefits 

Please visit us often for the latest updates on regional events, AHDI news, local component website links and more!
The Great Lakes Region (GLR) is a regional component
of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).  States within this regional association include Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan. GLR, in partnership with AHDI, encourages and supports medical transcriptionists and other healthcare documentation specialists to pursue professional development, furthers education and certification, connects members through networking, and promotes the profession through advocacy within our region and beyond.

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